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e-ASTICON2020 Welcome Note

It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you to E-ASTICON2020 (Virtual conference) which is going to be held on13-9 2020(Sunday). We extend a warm welcome to all of you on behalf of organizing committee. E-ASTICON 2020 is special in view of COVID 19 pandemic to share our scientific knowledge by virtually.

The theme of the conference is "So near yet so far from STIs & AIDS" to sensitize comprehensively so as to enjoy the complete sexual health.

The scientific content, be it the panel discussions and hot topics have been designed with one compelling focal point and that is the young DVL, who is eager to stay abreast with the rapid developments in every area of clinical STDs and AIDS including COVID19. At the same time we might hasten to add that, lectures have been designed not to be dull and didactic, but address the all-important question: 'how can this knowledge be useful in our practice'.

Looking forward to seeing you by virtually for a wonderful and enriching experience.

"We certainly promise to deliver the best of our capability"

Eagerly waiting for your enthusiastic e-participation. E - Certificates will be given at the end of the conference by email.